2019.10.03 Informal Talk by Mr.Higashinaka

A seminar was given by Mr.Higashinaka(Senior Researcher, NTT). The title is: “The future of the dialogue system research”.

2019.10.01 New Lab Members

New members will join our lab: Thanakrit Julavanich (D1), Taichi Iki (SOKENDAI D1), An Tuan Dao (M1), Xanh Thi Ho (SOKENDAI M1), Masaya Ohagi (B4), and Yi-Lin Xie (Internship student from National Tsing Hua University).

2019.07.26 Seminar talk by Prof. Mathieu Mangeot

A seminar was given by Prof. Mathieu Mangeot. The title is: “Collaborative construction of a good quality, broad coverage and copyright free Japanese-French dictionary”.