2019.10.25 The seminar talk by Mr.Tobias Fink

The seminar was given by Mr.Tobias Fink, Tu wein.
The title was “Information Extraction Projects at the Vienna University of Technology”.

2019.10.03 Informal Talk by Mr.Higashinaka

A seminar was given by Mr.Higashinaka(Senior Researcher, NTT). The title is: “The future of the dialogue system research”.

2019.10.01 New Lab Members

New members will join our lab: Thanakrit Julavanich (D1), Taichi Iki (SOKENDAI D1), An Tuan Dao (M1), Xanh Thi Ho (SOKENDAI M1), Masaya Ohagi (B4), and Yi-Lin Xie (Internship student from National Tsing Hua University).

2019.07.26 Seminar talk by Prof. Mathieu Mangeot

A seminar was given by Prof. Mathieu Mangeot. The title is: “Collaborative construction of a good quality, broad coverage and copyright free Japanese-French dictionary”.