2019.07.26 Seminar talk by Prof. Mathieu Mangeot

A seminar was given by Prof. Mathieu Mangeot. The title is: “Collaborative construction of a good quality, broad coverage and copyright free Japanese-French dictionary”.

2019.07.23 Seminar talk by Dr. Joeran Beel

A seminar was given by Dr. Joeran Beel (Ussher Assistant Professor in Intelligent Systems at
the School of Computer Science and Statistics at Trinity College Dublin). The title is “Deep Citation Proximity (DCP): Learning Citation-Based Document Relatedness for Uncited Documents”.

2019.06.21 Seminar talk by Ms. Syrielle Montariol

A seminar was given by Ms. Syrielle Montariol (2nd year of PhD Student, University Paris-Sud in France). The title is: “An introduction to diachronic word embeddings”