2021.09.23 Congratulations on graduation!

Takuma Udagawa have completed Doctoral course. We wish him the best in his next career.
In addition, Dr. Udagawa made a slide presentation on how to proceed with research based on his own experience and here‘s a link. You can also access the slides from the OPEN RESOURCES page.

2021.04.01 New Lab Member

New member will join our lab: Zhihao Zhao (M1)

2021.03.23 Congratulations on graduation!

Kenichi Iwatsuki have completed Doctoral course. Yuya Suzuki and Vitou Phy and Takato Yamazaki have completed Master’s course. We wish them the best in their next career.

2020.09.28 New Lab Members

New members will join our lab: Johannes Mario Meissner Blanco (M1), John Cronin-McCartney (Research student), Kaito Sugimoto (B4), Kensho Tsurusaki (B4).