Our laboratory’s research is focused on natural language technologies to assist human intelligent activities. Our major challenges include the following subjects in text and media studies that are based on machine learning including deep learning, statistical modeling and analysis, or annotation and corpus analysis.

  • Text mining
    Document layout and logical structure analysis; Information identification and entity disambiguation; Automatic construction of natural language resources
  • Machine reading comprehension
    Computer understanding of natural languages; Semantic analysis and knowledge extraction;
  • Human language activities
    Measuring and analyzing human reading/writing; Analysis of on-line communication;

Our recent research topics are as follows: analysis of reading comprehension tasks, sentence compression and text summarization, analysis and utilization of document structure, retrieval and understanding of mathematical expressions, analyzing the behavior of readers by using gaze tracking methods, real-scale information identification, and information recommendation and English writing assistance for academic researchers. We also welcome new research topic proposals related to natural language processing and information retrieval.

Our research facilities include variety of information resources and a large-scale computation platform at NII. Students are encouraged to act as independent researchers by being allowed to join seminars and discussion groups with interdisciplinary and international researchers and to participate in related joint research activities at NII. For more information, please contact Prof. Aizawa (aizawa(a)nii.ac.jp).